WDCC Disney Classics The Rescuers Evinrude Base Porcelain Figurine


WDCC Disney Classics¬†The Rescuers Evinrude Base Porcelain Figurine

WDCC The Rescuers Evinrude Base

Status: Only 1 Available | Condition:New | Edition:The RescuersPorcelain Figurine | Dim:4 1/2 | WDCC | 1217971


Availability: Yes as of Date: June  16, 2024

WDCC Disney Classics The Rescuers Evinrude Base
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Product Details

The Rescuers Evinrude Base

The Rescuers Evinrude Base Commemorative 25th Anniversary Backstamp on all sculptures crafted in 2002.

Product Details

The Rescue Aid Society, an international organization of mice with headquarters in the basement of the United Nations building, receives a plea for help from a little orphan girl named Penny. Penny has been kidnapped by an evil woman, Madame Medusa, who intends to use her to retrieve a fabulous diamond, the Devil's Eye, from a pirate cave. The case is taken by lovely Bianca and Rescue Aid Society custodian Bernard, who becomes her shy assistant. Together, after avoiding two brutish alligators, enlisting the help of the local swamp folk, and turning Medusa and her henchman Snoops against themselves, the mice rescue Penny and the diamond.