WDCC Tangled Rapunzel Braided Beauty

Status: | Condition:New | Edition:Tangled | Dim:7 1/2 inches tall | WDCC | 4021352


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Tangled Rapunzel Braided Beauty.

First figurine from the Disney movie Tangled. As the edition size is so small this item is selling very quickly.

Tangled From Snow White to Cinderella, from Ariel to Belle, the beauty and charm of Disney’s Princesses have enchanted audiences of all ages. Now, from Tangled, a new princess has joined the royal ranks. Happy to be free of her imprisoning tower, Rapunzel joyfully luxuriates in her long tresses, freshly styled by the village children. Ever conscious of the principles of authenticity and character, right down to the tiniest details, the Disney animators considered not only Rapunzel’s hair, but also how it would be lit; even how the textures on the fabrics would appear in relation to her skin. Plussed with pewter legs, this charming sculpture embodies the carefree spirit of Rapunzel, the young lady with the 70 feet of golden hair and an unending yearning for adventure.

Product Details