WDCC Disney Classics Dumbo Mr Stork And Dumbo Bundle Of Joy 


WDCC Dumbo Mr Stork And Dumbo Bundle Of Joy

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WDCC Disney Classics Dumbo Mr Stork And Dumbo Bundle Of Joy
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Product Details

Mr Stork and Dumbo Bundle of Joy

Stork Legs: Metal. Particulars:
In 1997, Walt Disney Art Classics introduced a new series to commemorate "special moments" called the Celebration Series.
The series released sculptures to welcome the birth of child, celebrate a birthday, celebrate a windfall and for that sport's enthusiast in your life.
After the initial four (4) piece release, no further releases were released under this category.

Product Details

Taunted for the size of his enormous ears, the little elephant, Dumbo, is too young to understand what the laughter is about, but old enough to know that it's aimed at him. Cruelly separated from his mother by the circus, misunderstood and mistreated by the other animals, he's all alone in the world with "no warm trunk to cuddle up to, no one to dry his tears." Fortunately, he's got a mouse in his corner -- Timothy Mouse. With his new friend's help and guidance (and the help of a "magic feather"), Dumbo has the courage to take a leap of faith that turns the taunting into cheers, and makes all his dreams soar.