WDCC Disney Classics It's A Small World U.s.a. Howdy Partner 


WDCC It's A Small World U.s.a. Howdy Partner

Status: Only 1 Available | Condition:New | Edition:It's A Small World | Dim:6 Boy 3-1/2 Cactus | WDCC | 1231969


Availability: Yes as of Date: April  13, 2024

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It's A Small World U.S.A. Howdy Partner

Includes resin Cactus backdrop/accessory.The doll-like children are composed of porcelain and the accessory items are composed of resin. Both the child sculpture and the accessory will be packed together in one gift box. For the introductions of the Disney's "it's a small world" after all sculptures, all new packaging has been designed featuring artwork reminiscent of the original attraction and new Certificates of Authenticity. Sculpture bears Disney's it's a small world after all" logo and 40th Anniversary backstamp. Production mark is a blue decal vs. being incised due to base being too small for an imprinted mark. WDAC will continue to use both types of production marks depending on the requirements of each piece.

Product Details