WDCC Disney Classics The Jungle Book Junior Hup 2-3-4 Porcelain Figurine


WDCC The Jungle Book Junior Hup 2-3-4

Status: Only 1 Available | Condition:New | Edition:The Jungle BookPorcelain Figurine | Dim:4-1/2 | WDCC | 1217974


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WDCC Disney Classics The Jungle Book Junior Hup 2-3-4
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Hup 2-3-4

Walt Disney Collectors Society Members Only release-Figurine for 2003.

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Raised by a wolf pack, all 10-year-old Mowgli wants is to stay in the jungle. But Shere Khan, the tiger who hates men, has sworn he will kill the boy. So Mowgli's friends Bagheera, the panther, must take this man-cub to the man-village before it's too late. Along the way, Mowgli searches for a place to belong, adopting the life of an elephant, a bear, a monkey, even a vulture. Unfortunately, the naive Mowgli's friends often prove more dangerous than sincere. Angry at Bagheera and his adopted "papa bear," Baloo, for trying to take him from the jungle, Mowgli soon finds out that friends are the ones who tell you what you need to hear, even if it's not what you want to hear.