WDCC Disney Classics Hercules And Pegasus Defiant Porcelain Figurine


WDCC Disney Classics¬†Hercules And Pegasus Defiant Porcelain Figurine

WDCC Hercules And Pegasus Defiant

Status: | Condition:New | Edition:HerculesPorcelain Figurine | Dim:10 1/2 | WDCC | 1232414


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Hercules and Pegasus Defiant

Legs: Bronze and pewter.
Sword: Zinc.
Limited to 2000 pcs
Released in September 2004
Retired September 2012

Product Details

As the son of the king of the gods and the strongest demi-god in the world, Hercules should have it made. But a bungled kidnapping by Hades' henchmen leaves him stranded on Earth as the adopted son of human parents, and Hercules grows up with no idea of his divine origin: He only knows he doesn't fit in.

When the gawky teen finally learns who his father is, he must battle a series of monsters sent by Hades. With the help of his reluctant hero-trainer, Philoctetes, and the magical winged horse Pegasus, Hercules becomes a superstar and media darling -- but what makes him a real hero is his self-sacrifice for Megara, the woman he loves.

Megara: A heroine with an attitude, Megara is always quick with a wisecrack. Although she begins her career as an assistant to Hades, she quickly falls for the hunky Hercules and refuses to sell him out to her evil boss. To save her new love, Megara must undo the deception she started.

Hades: The irascible Lord of the Underworld wants nothing more than to replace Zeus on his Olympic throne, but pesky Hercules keeps getting in the way. Hades can be a smooth character and is quick with a wisecrack, but he blows his top if he doesn't get his way, and then -- watch out! His two hapless henchmen, Pain and Panic, often feel the brunt of his wrath.