WDCC Disney Classics Symphony Hour Goofy's Grace Notes 


WDCC Symphony Hour Goofy's Grace Notes

Status: Only 1 Available | Condition:In Original Packaging | Edition:Symphony Hour | Dim:6.8 | WDCC | 410260


Availability: Yes as of Date: April  13, 2024

WDCC Disney Classics Symphony Hour Goofy's Grace Notes
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Product Details

Goofy's Grace Notes - retied 09/97

Size: 6.8" Item Number: 11K-41026-0 (Old)/1028513 (Current) Plussing: * Contrabassoon: Cast metal. * Anniversary Backstamp: A special gold script message '50th Anniversary' was added to backstamp of sculptures crafted in 1992. Production Changes: * Packaging: Revised to provide greater protection. * Ears: production ears were porcelain with wire running through them-most broke in shipping; revised to be all metal ears.

Product Details