WDCC Disney Classics Cinderella Jaq And Gus With Key Saving Cinderelly 


WDCC Cinderella Jaq And Gus With Key Saving Cinderelly

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Cinderella Jaq and Gus with Key Saving Cinderelly

Two tiny heroes have a mission most impossible: hoisting a key up a massive staircase to rescue a princess-to-be from her attic-room prison. Gus and Jaq are celebrated in this irresistible sculpture.As for Cinderella, she has a party dress fabricated by her animal friends with more than a little love.
This heartfelt scene embodies Walt’s wish, expressed at a 1946 story meeting, that “the picture has to play from Cinderella’s standpoint. You will laugh and cry for her—and pull for her.”
Plussed with pewter arms and wire tails, complete with a base authentic to the Tremaine chateau floor, at the start of their daunting knight-errant’s errand of mercy.

Limited to Production Year 2010.

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Everyone orders Cinderella around: her cruel stepmother, her awful stepsisters -- even the big clock in the church tower tells her when to start another day of drudgery. But no matter how her family abuses and humiliates her, they can't stop her from dreaming. For dreams are the wishes of Cinderella's heart, and, despite her sadness and hardships, she has faith that someday her wishes of happiness will come true. When the invitation to the royal ball arrives, Cinderella is sure her time has come -- until the evil sisters, with the sly encouragement of Lady Tremaine, tear not only her gown to shreds, but her hopes and dreams as well. "There's nothing left to believe in," she cries, heartbroken and alone. However, though her own words are forgotten for the moment, they still hold the magic that will fulfill her hopes. "No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true ..."

Cinderella is by no means a weak-willed character content to let events flow around her. On the contrary, when the invitation to the royal ball arrives, she uses everything short of physical force to persuade her stepmother that she has every right to attend. This makes her one of the more memorable Disney heroines.