WDCC Disney Classics Beauty and The Beast Gaston Scheming Suitor Porcelain Figurine

WDCC Beauty and The Beast Gaston Scheming Suitor

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Beauty and The Beast Gaston Scheming Suitor

Beauty and The Beast Gaston Scheming Suitor - Gaston is the 9th release in the Members-Only Villains Series. This members-only sculpture includes a resin bear-skin rug. Gaston is not attached, so you can display with or without the rug. The redemption period for both sculptures is May 15 - Sept. 30, 2005. A combined Redemption Certificate for Gaston and the Village Girls will be sent to members. Members may order one or both of the pieces.

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Cursed by an enchantress because he has no love in his heart, a prince is transformed into a terrible beast. The fearful spell can only be broken when he truly learns to love -- and can earn the love of another. But who can love a beast? All seems hopeless ... until fate brings Belle into his grasp. Angry and despairing due to his long enchantment, the Beast tries to capture Belle's love with fear, not win it with kindness. Then slowly, through her courage and compassion, he begins to discover the secrets of his own heart and learns that even a beast can be loved.

Far-off places, daring sword fights ... a prince in disguise ... Belle longs for so much more than a "normal life" in this small, provincial town -- a town where girls don't aspire to more than being the wife of a handsome lunk like Gaston. Still, adventure is the last thing on her mind when she rides her horse, Philippe, into the forest to find her beloved father, who is missing. Thinking only of her father, she makes a terrible bargain with a pitiless monster, a beast who holds her father captive. "Take me instead ..." Though the Beast now holds the key to Belle's prison, he doesn't have the key to her heart, and her yearning spirit won't be kept prisoner. But after he risks his own life to save hers, she begins to see past his hideous appearance. She realizes that, deep inside him, there might be something more than she -- or he -- has ever dreamed.

Gaston: LeFou gushes to his hero, Gaston: "No beast alive stands a chance against you. No girl for that matter." "It's true, LeFou," Gaston proclaims as he watches Belle, "And I've got my sights set on that one ... the most beautiful girl in town!" As far as he's concerned, that makes her the best -- and only the best is good enough for this intimidating specimen of manly manhood. After all, he's the absolute best at everything he does -- fighting, spitting, drinking ... and he's surprisingly good at plotting, too, for a man who can't read any book that doesn't have pictures. So when his chosen one turns him down flat, his ego will not allow him to take "no" for an answer. He'll have Belle yet, he vows, and his revenge. No matter what he has to do -- or whom he has to kill -- to get it!