WDCC Disney Classics Opening Title Bambi 


WDCC Opening Title Bambi

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Opening Title Bambi

The Opening Title features artwork from the opening credits of each film and/or animated short.

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Bambi is the wobbly legged fawn who will someday inherit the title of "Great Prince of the Forest." For now, though, he has his mother to teach him the secrets of survival, and his pals, Thumper and Flower, to help him explore the secret of fun. But, too soon, man's arrival in the forest will bring Bambi's carefree days to a tragic end. If he's to endure the harsh winter, he'll have to learn how to stand alone. Even then, it will only be his first life challenge, as the coming spring heralds the new dangers of finding and protecting a mate. More than Bambi's life, the very survival of the forest could hang in the balance of the young prince's courage.