WDCC Disney Classics Mulan Mushu One Family Reunion Coming Right Up 
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WDCC Disney Classics¬†Mulan Mushu One Family Reunion Coming Right Up 

WDCC Mulan Mushu One Family Reunion Coming Right Up

Status: | Condition:New | Edition:Mulan | Dim:5 3/4 | WDCC | 4007371


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Product Details

Mulan Mushu One Family Reunion Coming Right Up

Sculptor: Bruce Lau
Hands, Legs, Baton and Horns: Pewter.
Whiskers: Brass Wire.
Gong: Steel
Gong Handle: Brass Wire

Product Details

Mulan: Mulan doesn't seem to fit in in her world. Everything a proper young Chinese girl is supposed to be -- graceful, demure, quiet -- she is not. But when her homeland and family are threatened by an invasion of bloodthirsty Huns, Mulan runs away to join the army in her father's place. There she learns that her courage, intelligence, and determination offer her a way to bring honor to her family and herself.

Mushu: Mushu was once a powerful Guardian spirit of Mulan's family, but he has been demoted to the humiliating position of an incense burner. When Mulan's ancestors decide to send her home from the army, Mushu is sent to awaken the Great Stone Dragon to perform the task. When he accidentally destroys the dragon instead, Mushu goes himself to help Mulan fight the Huns and bring honor to her family. Mushu might be pint-sized, but he has more than enough personality and bravado for the biggest dragons. Still, when you're the size of a lizard, it's hard to get respect from your dragon kin. Disney's Braggin' Dragon wants more than anything to be one of the Guardian dragons again, but in the meantime he's happy to help Mulan get into and out of trouble. And his heroism proves in the end that little dragons can have mighty big hearts.