WDCC Disney Classics The Little Mermaid Base 


WDCC Disney Classics The Little Mermaid Base 

WDCC The Little Mermaid Base

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WDCC Disney Classics The Little Mermaid Base
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Product Details

Little Mermaid Base Figurine not included.

Elegantly embossed with each film's title and icons from the films themselves, these new bases enhance the sculpted movement and enchanting romance that are such a part of the Walt Disney Classics Collection's Dancing Couples.

Product Details

Tawny-haired mermaid Ariel was one of Disney's most immediately popular animated heroines. Ariel is a girl in the process of becoming an attractive woman. One of her attractive qualities is that she is very definite about what she is doing and very confident about her own ability to succeed. Of course, a good deal of that confidence is ill-placed, as she is just a teenager. Although she is warned by her father, King Triton, that humans are dangerous, Ariel stubbornly believes otherwise and has an insatiable curiosity about them. She explores human artifacts (sunken ships, etc.) and is constantly going into forbidden territory: the surface. This, of course, leads her to love ... and trouble.