WDCC Disney Classics Lilo and Stitch Storefront Spaceship  


WDCC Disney Classics¬†Lilo and Stitch Storefront Spaceship  

WDCC Lilo and Stitch Storefront Spaceship

Status: Only 1 Available | Condition:New | Edition:Lilo And Stitch | Dim:6 1/2 H X 5D X 8 1/2L | WDCC | 4025903


Availability: Yes as of Date: January  28, 2020

WDCC Disney Classics Lilo and Stitch Storefront Spaceship
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3/28/2020  $199.67 3rd & final payment
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Lilo and Stitch Storefront Spaceship.

Retired October 2012.

For Lilo, it's always about ohana, the Hawaiian word and concept for family where no one gets left behind or forgotten and so when this lonely child adopts a little dog (in reality, a destructive alien from another galaxy known as Experiment 626), she shows this strange creature who she names Stitch all the family-type fun her small world has to offer including a ride on a coin-operated supermarket rocket ship. Drawing inspiration from the Disney classics Dumbo and Bambi, the creators of Lilo & Stitch focused on the simplicity and warmth of the character relationships, especially that of the offbeat little girl and the hyperactive alien. In celebration of the unconventionally classic animated features 10th anniversary, this colorful sculpture rockets Lilo and her out-of-this-world friend to new heights of lovability.

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