WDCC Disney Classics Alice In Wonderland King Of Hearts ..and The King 
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WDCC Disney Classics¬†Alice In Wonderland King Of Hearts ..and The King 

WDCC Alice In Wonderland King Of Hearts ..and The King

Status: Only 1 Available | Condition:New | Edition:Alice In Wonderland | Dim:4-1/2 | WDCC | 11K-41419-0


Availability: Yes as of Date: March  25, 2023

WDCC Disney Classics Alice In Wonderland King Of Hearts ..and The King
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Product Details

King of Hearts "...And The King" Retired 5/01 Numbered Limited Edition 2,500

Crown: Oversized with shiny gold finish.
Special Commemorative Backstamp: Approximately 125 pieces with the Special Backstamp message 'Celebrating The Classics March 1999' were sold at the First Walt Disney Art Classics Convention, 03/19/99-03/21/99 in Orlando, FL.

Retired 05/01

Product Details

Alice is tired of logic and lessons and the ordinary world. She wants a world of her very own: a world of nonsense, if you please, where everything will be what it isn't, and "contrariwise," when it isn't, will be what it is. That's why she's so very eager to follow the White Rabbit, despite some sound advice to herself about not going where one hasn't been invited. Once she's tumbled in it's too late to turn back, and Alice finds Wonderland not only as nonsensical and fantastical as she could have hoped, but frustrating and perplexing as well. "It's all so confusing!" she cries after mad tea parties and caterpillars and disappearing cats. But it's all very well to complain now that she's gotten what she wanted. Perhaps she should have followed her own "very good advice" and stayed where she was, and left Wonderland to her dreams.