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"X" Date added: 5/3/2011
Disney 2011 New Releases. Don't miss out on these Limited Editions. Click to view News Letter.
"X" Date added: 5/1/2011
Ernie Barnes Art Closeout Event.
"WDCC" Date added: 10/11/2010
WDCC annouced that the following sculptures are Sold-Out:

The Seven Dwarfs on Log ('Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho! It's Home From Work We Go!') , sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons, a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750 is the Ninth Release in the Signature Series.

Jasmine ('Daring Distraction'), sculpted by Dusty Horner, is Limited to Production Year 2009. She is the Fifth Release in the Leading Ladies Series.
"WDCC" Date added: 8/26/2010
The Walt Disney Classics Collection proudly welcomes back our favorite mischievous chipmunks, Chip and Dale from the animated short, Working for Peanuts (1953). This delightful sculpture is back in-stock after their long vacation.

"Determined Duo" sculpted by Bruce Lau, an Open Edition release was released in October, 2005.

Pick up this clever pair now while supplies last!
"WDCC" Date added: 7/19/2010
The Walt Disney Classics Collection is pleased to announce the immediate retirement of the Woodland Scene from Walt Disney's animated classic Sleeping Beauty. This scene includes Aurora and Phillip:Chance Encounter and Woodland Creatures:Witness to Romance.
"WDCC" Date added: 6/18/2010
WDCC just announced several New Releases to officially launch in July 2010. The New Releases are:

* From the Mickey's Christmas Carol Series:Scrooge and Daisy-"Reflections of Christmas Past" (sold as a two-piece set) and Huey, Dewey & Louie with the Christmas Tree-"Holiday Helpers", Limited to Production Year 2010.

*From the Dumbo collection: Dumbo& Timothy Mouse-"Are They in for a Surprise" "Got the Magic Feather?"a Numbered Limited Edition of 750.

*From The Nightmare Before Christmas: Sally with Skeleton Tree- "Otherwordly Ovation" a Numbered Limited Edition of 750; the Devil-"Debonair Demon" and Undersea Gal-"Briny Beauty" are Limited to Production Year 2010.

All items can be ordered at www.thecollectionshop.com or contact us at 1-800-206-3715.
"WDCC" Date added: 6/16/2010

Walt Disney Collectors Society Members are invited toparticipate in our Collector Appreciation Celebration featuring alast-chance opportunity to purchase select Walt Disney Collectors Society Members-Only pieces through The Collection Shop your authorized Walt DisneyClassics Collection Retailers at special *Collector Appreciation Celebration Pricing* while supplies last.

This special promotion begins today, Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 and includes the following Members Only pieces:
*Tinkerbell in Lantern ("Pixie inPeril")
*Blue Fairy & Pinocchio ("The Gift of Life is Thine")
*Nemo & Gurgle (Iím From the Ocean")
*Peter Pan and the Mermaids ("Spinning a Spellbinding Story")
*Ursula at Vanity ("Devilish Diva")
*Horace & Jasper ("Bumbling Baduns")
*Belle with Enchanted Rose ("Forbidden Discovery")
*Wendy ("Peter! Oh, Peter!")
*Johnny Appleseed ("Johnny Appleseed")
*Thumper ("Did the Young Prince Fall Down?)
*Sheep ("Curious Companion")
*Ariel ("Seaside Serenade)
*Scuttle ("Muddled Mentor")
*Cinderella ("Wistful Dreamer")
*Bruno ("Canine Confidante")
*Donald Duck ("Happy Camper")
*Nephew Duck ("A Real Trooper")
"WDCC" Date added: 4/16/2010
WDCC announced today the following two sculptures have been Sold Out:

King Louie:"Orangutango-jango!" a Numbered and Limited Edition of 750 scheduled to be released Spring 2010.

Cinderella and Prince: "Royal Introduction" (60th Anniversary) also a Numbered and Limited Edition of 750 scheduled to be released the Summer of 2010.

Wow! the popularity of these pieces is evident as they are already Sold Out even before arriving in the retail stores.
"WDCC" Date added: 3/9/2010
Walt Disney Classics Collection proudly announces the retirement of the classic black and white Two-Gun Mickey scene effective today.

Included in the retirement are: Mickey Mouse "Quick Draw Cowboy", Minnie Mouse "Cutest L'il Cowgirl" and the Cactus, sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons plus Two-Gun Mickey Opening Title Plaque.
"WDCC Disney Classics" Date added: 3/2/2010
The Walt Disney Classics Collection is pleased to announce 6 new Summer Releases. The exciting crowd pleasers planned include two 60th Anniversary Commemorative sculptures from Walt Disney's Cinderella: Cinderella and Prince Charming- "Royal Introduction" Numbered Limited Edition 750 and Jaq & Gus (Production Year Limited 2010).

Included in the New Releases are: A charming brand new Open Edition Tinker Bell perched on an inkwell from Walt Disney's Peter Pan, a colorful Bambi and Thumper sculpture (Production Year Limited 2010), a hilarious new release of Uncle Scrooge playing his Cash Register as if it's a piano for the Classic Comics Series (Production Year Limited 2010) and a delightful new sculpture set of Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit from Walt Disney's Song of the South (Production Year Limited 2010).

To view all of the 2010 New Release click on the NEW RELEASES tab.


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